So I screwed up the paint job!!

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    Just painted my camaro Eastwoods sgl stg urethane ” Boulevard Black” The color is great. The orange peel and assorted junk in the paint isn’t. I can sand out the junk, but not enough to remove all the orange peel. Can I sand lightly and clear?
    I used the East wood “starting line” guns. Many years ago I painted with an old fashioned siphon gun HPLV. I had no problems then. I may be over taxing my compressor.Is there a good reason I can’t shoot clear with one of these and resolve my problem.
    By the way I’m painting in a tent in the back yard!
    Any help will be appreciated.
    ps I saw the show where you sanded and buffed the orange peel out of a truck, Where did you get 3000 DA paper?


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