So I go to the Bar last Night….

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    So anyways I go to the bar last night and we are wearing my company shirts as always….I guy (biker) comes up and ask’s me where I’m located at..tell him..and he tells me he just had a 72 HD frame w/swingarm done in gloss black.Hmmm….I just did one a week earlier, he says he has a pic of it on his cell phone….cool..NOW…the one I did had a bracket on it that was out of place so I knew I could remember it. Guess what? It’s the same one I did:mad: He would’ld tell me the company that did it after he say my face…..was pi**ed…I did ask how much he paid and it was $100.00 over what I charged….some one is getting credit for my work. and on top of it making money. I got paid good enough but not getting credit. What to do if anything???

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