So Excited about getting my gun~!

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    wahoo, I’ve been lurking in the backgrounds for months now, finally decided to join the party since I’m getting ready to order my elite kit this week. Right now a gun kit and some powders is all I’m picking up(christmas present from wife 😀 ) I’ll be building some type of spray booth in the coming week or so, as for curing….well…. I won’t have a problem there, we own an electric repair shop so I have several bake out ovens already :D, 1 is 5ft x 5ft x 4ft, it’s big enough to handle up to 600 hp electric motors easily, so I’m not sure how in depth I’ll get into coating, just wait and see how much I like it :D, anyhow next couple days I’ll get some pics of my ovens and post them :p Other than the Elite kit, should I pic up anything else when ordering?

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