Smoothing interior plastic parts for paint.

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    Hi, first off I just want to thank eastwood for providing such great products and advice. Now on to the question. My painter and I are planning to smooth and paint most of the interior pieces in my 2004 Dodge Ram quad cab. We already have the paint materials including the adhesive promoter and flex agent, along with all the primer, base coat, clear, and all hardeners/reducers needed. My question is on the smoothing process, removing all of the texture that is on the plastic pieces. We’ve been hand sanding the pieces so far using 80, 180, and 320 sandpaper by hand. While this works fine, it is very time consuming and not that effective. I was considering using a da sander to knock down most of the texture, then using a cylinder type drill attachment for tight areas and curves. Would this be the best method? Is there something more effective? Maybe a spray filler that would fill in the texture and not be that difficult to sand down? Any suggestions are appreciated. —- Big A

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