single stage vs BC/CC

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    I have read all of your information in the help section. Still, little confused on what is best. What is the disadvantage with going with the single stage gallon set ups you have? I would plan to add a couple additional coats of clear after also. (I was not aware that I could do this until I read it on your site). This would allow be to fix the errors and runs that I am sure to have, and color sand to a gloss finish, right?
    It would seem that this route would be cheaper. I don’t want to save a hundred dollars if it’s not going to look every bit as good as a BC/CC. Please let me know. Here is a little info about my project that may or may not factor in:
    79 Camaro sanded down and will be primed with your grey 2k primer, guide coat, blocked, and maybe primed again
    car will be painted black (not metalic)
    This is a color change back to the original color so door jams/trunk need paint as well
    I am a first time painter and have your concour paint gun w/ 3 tips
    Money/time is not really a factor but I wouldnt mind saving some

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