Single stage urethane -Solvent pop?

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    I attempted to paint my car parts with EASTWOOD Boulevard Black Single Stage Urethane with above 80F Activator and Reducer. I had lots of orange peel. Towards the end of finishing all the component parts. I developed these teeny tiny craters all over the last paint surfaces the two front fenders. Fustrated I turned over to pro painter. I color sanded using 1000grit then 2500grit to remove all of the pitting. Then scuffing with gray scotchbrite pad. Then had the painter repainting. The last fender developed the solvent pop by the painting professional. The second go around the pro painter used a heat treated spray booth at 85f /30% humidity/ with 80 degree activator. He developed the same problem with finished surface. Would this lend itself to a product flaw? ( meaning the paint contains too much solvent, or poor quality solvent with too many impurities. Or is this application error? I find this very puzzling as this product is made for DIY’s and these problem were encountered by a pro painter in a controlled environment.

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