Single Stage Urethane Paint and 2K European Clear Orange Peel

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    I recently painted two cars (66 Cadillac Deville Convertible and a 50 Ford F1) with Eastwood single stage urethane paint and 2K European Clear. Both paint jobs have a lot of orange peel. ( I just bought the Liquid Ice system and your color sanding dvd to get rid of the orange peel.)

    I used an Accuspray 240 turbine with an Accuspray 10 gun with a 1.3 tip and a #10 cap.

    I looked on the Internet trying to find out what caused the orange peel and found all kinds of different answers. I found too much paint, too little paint, too much air pressure, too little air pressure, gun movement too fast, gun movement too slow…so you can see why I am confused. Since Accuspray was bought by 3M, I cannot find much help from them.

    The Turbine does not have a pressure adjustment; the gun only has a flow and fan adjustment.

    Can you please give me some direction so I will have better results on my next paint job?

    Thank you,
    Dustin Winkle

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