Single Stage and Clearcoat Questions

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    First off, I love Eastwood and all their products!

    A brief overview of my progress:

    • Stripped to steel
    • Fillers and body work done
    • Applied Epoxy Primer
    • 1 day flash and topcoated with Contour Polyester
    • Blocked after a week with 320
    • Second application of Poly for minor imperfections
    • After a week, topcoated with 2k Primer Surfacer
    • Another week will pass before going over the 2k with 600 dry

    When I am ready to spray the base (single stage boulevard black), I plan on reducing with 4:1:1 with a medium reducer and a 1.4 tip. I will probably do 3 coats and allow a week for this to “cure”. I am also planning to topcoat this with Eastwood 2:1 High Solids European Clear at a 2:1:1 mix with a 1.3 tip after a week of “cure” as well.

    Now, here are a few questions that I have:

    • Should I block the single stage with 600 wet before laying on the clear, or what grit is recommended before clearing?
    • After 2-3 coats of initial clear, after a week, sanding with 600 wet again, applying 2-3 more coats. Should I sand the clear with 600 for prepping the next coats of clear?
    • After the last coats of clear, the panels will “cure” in a 70* temp. for about a week before being put in a cold storage shed outside for roughly 2-3 months while the rest of the car is worked on. Will this temperature variation (could reach 0* temps) affect the final curing process?

    After this, I will mount the panels, then sand with 1500 initial, moving to 2000, 2500 and 3000 before buffing.

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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