Single +clear or 2-stage for a near show mirror finish in a home garage

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    Dear all, I am doing a “frame off” restoration of a fantastic Triumph TR3. Now I’m working on the body; soldering , hammering and sandblasting (with sand) has been done, and I have coated it with a Etch Primer in order to protect the bare metal. Next steps would be: filler in some areas, spray epoxy filler, flatting with guide coating and finally epoxy sealant primer.
    My doubts are for painting, considering 2 options:
    1) Basecoat + clear + wetsanding + polish (3 stages)
    2) Color single stage (solid colors) + colorsanding (when color has dried) + clear + wetsanding + polish (3 stages)
    Im afraid with basecoat + clear than if I make a mistake or dirt in basecoat I wont be able to correct it.
    As I will paint without a spray booth and I have not skills in painting maybe the option 2 (wasting a lot of time in sanding+sanding+sand…) will get a better finish, wont it?
    What do you think?

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