Silicone plug questions.

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    I ordered a plug and cap kit from EW. What I ordered was:

    Item #58112

    In the picture on Eastwood it shows a sort of conventional tapered plug (like an old fashioned cork) and that was what I was expecting.

    What I got was plugs with a big end and a little and with a sharp taper in the middle, not tapered along the whole plug. A kit of plugs like these:

    I get the impression these plugs are more for through holes, and the more conventional plugs would be better for a wider variety of applications.

    I know Eastwood will take care of me and take them back or exchange them for the other kit or something if I’m not happy with them. But before I go there, what do we think of these kind of plugs? Are they better than the normal tapered ones? I don’t want to test use them and not be able to return them if I don’t like them, so I thought I’d just ask the forum.

    Should I just keep these, or return them and get a set of “normal” plugs?


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