Should I Spot Weld or Rivet for Trim Mount?

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    I am currently prepping a 1990 Dodge Ram bed to replace the one on my 1989. One of the problems I can see is the trim is attached differently. It looks like the 1990 bed uses adhesive to attach the trim. I want the trim to match the style of the cab. The 1989 uses rivets (you know the type that looks like a nail head welded to the body panel) to attach the trim. My friend that is helping me with the work wants to drill holes, install stainless steel rivets and seal with RTV. I would like to use Eastwood’s stud gun (Eastwood Item # 31243). My friend is concerned that the stud gun will warp the body panel. The only thing I can see is that the clip studs will get in the way during finishing sanding.

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated!

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