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    I have a quick question. With my EW Dual Voltage gun. Can I just hook up a 1/2 lb. plastic container that the powder comes in, to the gun, or do I have to dump some of the powder ( 1 – 2 ” deep ) into an empty, clean container?

    I shot a bunch of samples, yesterday. I started out dumping 1″ into a clean container, shoot, dump the remainder back into it’s orig. container, blow out the empty container, and repeat for the next color.

    Then,I tried shooting new colors right out of their original 1/2 lb containers. I did this with about 12 new colors. It didn’t seem to cause any problems (other than my own inexperience-related problems), but I figured I’d better ask, in case I’m missing something.

    It sure saved a lot of time and extra work! Thanks for your help.


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