Shaveing trunk keyhole – blending paint

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    Hey all.

    A buddy of mine recently had a break-in attempt on his car, through the trunk. The car is a 2000 Chrysler Neon.

    Besides damaging the already-non functioning key cylinder, they damaged/dented the immediate-surrounding sheet metal.

    Hey wants to shave the keyhole.

    Another friend is doing the welding because the only welder I have available to me is a flux-core wire feed welder and I’m not well practiced with the flux-core wire (MIG is fine, but as far as I can tell, this Lincoln wire feed welder w/ flux-core wire is junk).

    The issue though, is how to go about blending the paint.

    My intention is to use colour matched spray bombs from a local autobody shop. I’ve had good experience with these on my own car (though, my car is white, it’s a pretty easy match).

    I do not want to get into painting the whole trunk lid with spray bombs…on large areas, they have a tendancy to dribble and/or spit.

    I’s like to stay within a 6-9 inch radius of the key hole.

    steps: (?)

    strip paint from aread,
    cut metal patch,
    weld in patch (back-step stitch weld?),
    grind weld,
    prep-grind metal for filler,
    feather paint edges,
    sand filler,
    apply glazing putty,
    sand glazing putty,
    scuff some surrounding paint,
    apply and sand primer blending it by applying in smaller spot, then larger and larger in several steps
    apply paint to scuffed area overlapping onto existing original paint
    apply paint overlapping and extending past first spray
    apply clearcoat
    polish out to blend.

    Are there any amendments I should make to this process?
    Are there any recommended polishing products to blend the new paint with the old?


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