Severe Surface Rust Removal-Which Products?

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    I currently have a project truck, 1984 dodge d100, that the previous owner had taken down to bare metal, but never primed, so now there is some pretty bad surface rust. I’ve been trying a wire wheel on a grinder along with some 40-80 grit sandpapers, but they just don’t seem to be cutting it. I can get most of it off with this method but there are still spots that are pockmarked with rust.

    I’ve been looking at the different products on the site for rust removal, but i’m not sure which to use. I watched the video attached the Rust Converter which showed a 4 step process of cleaning, rust convereter, encapsulator, then topcoat. In the video they talked about using it on the frame and other other areas. will this method work on a body panel? After the encapsulator can I sand it then prime and paint?

    I also look at the Fast Etch rust remover. How is this different from the Rust Convereter? Also i’m not sure if this will be strong enough to the level of surface rust I have.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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