Setting up spray booth

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    OK – Totally new to the PC world and my first question(s).
    I am going to try and use a 5ft square wooden box with just the front open.
    #1 – What is the best thing to line it with so the powder can be recovered and easy clean up?
    #2 – I have installed a threaded 1/2″ rod across the top to hang things on. What is the best method of hanging objects so they can be turned for coverage and then taken out to place in oven?
    #3 – Should the box be vented with a exaust fan and filter to outside.
    #4 – Am using a kitchen oven. What is the best way to hang objects for curing?
    #5 – And last for now. Has anyone ever used a ceramic oven(clay ceramics) to cure in and will it mess things up for the clay works. Don’t want to mess it up for the wife.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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