Setting up Home Shop for Painting

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    My 95 Jeep YJ tub is rusted past the point of new return so I am gearing up to replace it. I picked up a used tub yesterday that needs minimal sheet metal work. After repairing sheet metal, I plan on painting the under body, applying a bedliner material to the interior, and painting the exterior with a bc/cc system. This Jeep has been one learning experience after another (fabrication, mechanical work, etc.) for me and this will be my first bodywork/painting project. I’m guessing this will be my first of many posts and I hope I don’t wear out my welcome @ Eastwood.

    I just picked up an 80 Gallon, 5HP, 2-stage, 230v compressor. I would like some advice on a decent, affordable set up for painting. My garage is 24′ x 24′ and I had planned on running a short whip out of the compressor to black pipe. Run it up the wall and over to the other side sloping down for drainage. Install a T @ the ceiling for a future branch and a vertical leg at the end with a drain. I am putting together a list for my purchase from Eastwood and would like a recommendation on what to run from my point of air outlet. I’m assuming I will need a regulator, filter/air dryer. I had planned on purchasing the two-gun kit by Devilbiss (primer gun and bc/cc gun). I figured the regulator/filter/dryer would be installed at the outlet @ the end of the black pipe run, then connect my flex hose to that. @ the end of the hose before the gun, I would run an inline filter. What would be a good, AFFORDABLE filter, dryer, regulator set up? Would the Devilbiss set be good one to start with?

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