Serious topic and serious responses needed, I need to upgrade.

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    I’ve been getting killed lately due to me not doing wheels. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t have the media blaster or oven for them. ALSO, I’m terrified of the “Alloy + Heat = self destruction” equation.

    Here’s where I need your help…

    What is the best way to PC wheels (from start to finish, stripping, media blasting, taping, etc…). What media should I use (if any)?

    Now, onto the big questions…I want to build my own media blaster and oven to save as much money as possible. I remember seeing someone’s clamshell style cabinet, but I’d prefer a side/top door option.

    As for the oven, I have a regular (2 in fact) 220 outlets currently. I’d like to keep my regular oven around and fire the larger one up when needed. There have been a ton of threads on this, but I’d like some info on the electrical portion since I’m a complete doo-mas (;)) when it comes to that. Can I run a larger 2 element oven off my current plug? Will I need 2 plugs? How can I tell my max amp draw (I want to say 30/50, but I’m not sure)?

    Are wheels worth my time? Just based on other quotes, here’s what I’d charge to be competitive…

    14″ = $50ea
    15″ = $60ea
    16″ = $70ea
    17″ = $80ea
    18″ = $90ea

    For those that ship wheels, what does it cost on average per wheel to ship via FedEx or UPS?

    I appreciate your input guys!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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