Serious orange peel conquers gun

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    I’m having a serious orange peel problem maybe you can help. I purchased the conquers paint gun for small compressors from Eastwood and received it last week. It came with the 1.2 needle nozzle.

    My problem is the I was able to shoot the basecoat perfectly. When shooting the clear coat it has a serious orange peel issue. I tried to increase the pressure to the gun with no success. I have a 29 gallon compressor 7 CFM @ 40 psi. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong either setup and/or spraying wise.

    Is the 1.2 needle nozzle not preferred for clear coats? Or is something else I could be doing causing this issue? Was also trying to get closer with the gun to the surface but had no luck.

    What am I doing wrong? Basecoat lays on great!

    Thanks in advance for any help

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