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    I have recently had my truck dipped to remove rust. I have purchased a small amount of Self-Etching Primer to start sealing some of the parts I have had to fabricate – floor supports for the bed, etc. I would like to prime the body and have also purchased some pre-wash to clean the metal of the protective coating they sprayed on the body. My question is can you apply body-filler over this primer, and if so what brand do you recommend?

    For your reference, there isn’t much damage to the body, dent related, just pitting of the surface. I am new to this entire process and you may have some literature or some good reference docs that may help me. I would like some specific part numbers and recommendations to move me along.

    Moons ago, I trimmed parts at a Cadilac Dealership and the primers they used were porous and would eventually rust if they weren’t sealed, is this the same with your self-etching primers?


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