Seeking Source for High Temp Vinyl + Masking Tip

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    In the Beginners Powder Coat Manual from Eastwood there is a section that talks about cutting vinyl designs with a computer controlled vinyl cutter, to use in powder coating special effects.
    I now have access to a computer run vinyl cutter.
    Does anyone know where to purchase vinyl, with some adhesive preferrably, that can withstand the temps we use in powder coating?
    Better yet, does anyone have any experience doing this?

    Masking Tip: If you use the blue masking tape from Eastwood, take it off before full cure, it will leave blue traces on light colors if you don’t. I have had to re-do two projects because of this problem. I don’t know if the green tape leaves traces, haven’t tried it. Masking with aluminum foil & fiberglass tape works, but it is hard to do details.

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