second time using the mig 175 and already having problems

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    i have been welding for about 5 years and i have to say i was surprised with the welder when i first got it but now that i have used it twice im no longer as impressed with it. second time using the machine i was building a new set of shelfs for my garage the machine was welding great untill it started poping and sputtering and i realized i wasnt getting any gas. so first i checked the bottle it was full so i started looking at other things and relized the entire mig cable had melted through. i had copper cable showing and the gas line had a hole melted in it. the liner was not set on a cherry red weld or even a really really hot weld. i have had my miller 135 mig for 5 years now and im still using the original liner and it looks almost new. eastwood you guys really need to address this and make the outer shell of mig lead out of a much more heat resistant materiel.

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