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    Hello, My name is Joe, and I’m searching for repair manuals, especially body parts.

    Though I am not an Auto body Mechanic I am a retired Master Mechanic ASE Equivalent (State of Michigan Licensed), Motec Grad.

    I am also a member of SAE (Soc.Auto. Engineers); and I am the Forum Moderator at Renderosity Rhino 3D Forum.

    Most of my people do cars and planes and such, and I try to provide my people with reference materials for building 3D models. You can stop by and visit the forum and join up (free) and look me up in the Rhino 3D Forum, user name cryptojoe. I’m Legit, paid employee of Bondware Inc. (if you call what they give me pay)

    If you have any idea’s as to how I can post or where I can post such solicitations for old manuals on body repair, drive lines, brakes and chassis, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank You,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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