Sean’s (Eastwood Tech) 98RS SCCA Project

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    As seen I ended up dropping off and parting my motorcycle build more of a personal choice with the kids and wasn’t really getting what I wanted out of the bike in general.

    Got rid of it and moved on to another Subaru. (this is about my 3rd one now) Figured since winter was right around the corner AWD would be nice to have. Picked up this rare “unicorn” 1998 2.5RS for around 1300. Owner claimed it had a blown headgasket ect ect… Well later on come to find just needed a coolant flush, fresh oil, and a little TLC to be running like a champ again. (220K miles on it)

    So after a little talk with the girl, I decided to build it for SCCA in the SM class and or Prepared F class.

    Currently been racking up some exterior parts and suspension.

    B magic Wide Body
    V5 STi SPoiler
    DGR Race Coilovers
    STi Trailing arms

    Will be a work in progress and WILL be finished the end of February. Still trying to figure out an engine build/swap for it.

    But will be looking at current weight is 2700lbs would like to get down to right around 1800-2000lbs stripped with Lexan glass and get ready for a first race in march.






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