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    Hello All –

    I’m restoring a 64 Chevelle Convertible, most of the factory seam sealers are gone so I will have to replace that stuff that was removed along with the places that I replaced panels. I have noticed that there are (2) different type of seam sealers that were used, one is black that the other is white. I noticed that most of the black with in areas where it was either exposed to weather or the elements. The white sealer was obviously interior, trunk, etc… What sealer or sealers should I use to replace these two?

    I also ran across another type of sealer that I’m not sure what I could use to replace it, I had to replace the metal on the bottom of the windshield frame. This was a reproduction piece, so I cut out the factory metal but it required me to heat up the foam type sealer under the metal. It was also used as some type of gap sealer, it was under the metal piece between the windshield and cowl. Does anyone know what type of sealer this was and what updated type I would use to replace it?

    Much thanks!

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