Seam sealer for exterior panels

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    Just curious as to what people use and how they prep for paint.

    I’ve painted a few cars and always used 3M seam sealer, used the slow/med/fast and sag/non-sag variants and always have a problem with paint lifting from the sealer shifting. Doesn’t matter if I have 24 hour cure or 2 month cure time.

    Latest victim was my 67 Bronco. The rear taillight to fender seam was my fault. Slammed the tailgate open too many times and I guess the vibration made it separate enough to crack.

    But there are other areas where there is no flexing/moving that ended up cracking the paint.

    Usual is blast/strip, seal, sand crevice with 220/320 and apply tube seam sealer. If I really pack it in with my finger its fine. Areas with lots of sealer always crack.


    I plan on buying eastwood brushable for floor and tube for exterior panels.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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