Sealing and finishing external seams

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    Hi Kevin,

    On my 81 TR8, I have several external seams that were left visible by the factory. I’d like to keep the stock look. My plan right now is:

    1. Clean them out as best I can with wire brushes, sandpaper, etc.
    2. Treat with Fast Etch to get any rust deep down.
    3. Cover with epoxy primer. I’m thinking of mixing up a small batch and using a brush so I can get it deep into the seam.
    4. Apply seam sealer, forcing it as deep into the seam as I can. I’m thinking it would be best to go this step within the re-coat window of the epoxy, so it will be well bonded.
    5. Finish the panels as usual (epoxy, poly, etc).

    Does that sound like a good plan? Any other ideas? Any tricks to keep from filling the seam line when I’m doing the high build poly? Do I just keep redefining the seam line with sandpaper?

    The factory seams all seem to crack, I don’t know if that is because of flex, or long term shrinkage of the product.



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