Screwed the pooch on this job

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    I did the first wheel and it came out perfect, till I noticed 3 finger prints on the lip. Now I’ve done the second wheel and apparently got it too thick on the face and it has dicoloration and runs. These are new chrome rims and when I stripped the oil breather(sample piece) in B17 it left it blotchy and had to be polished again. This customer I know is going to be very picky. At $90 a wheel at this point I dont even want to put anymore time into them with as much other work as I have backed up right now. What should I do? Should I strip them and hope I dont have to polish them and return them to the customer, just leave the 2 the way they are and return them. I have the hood grills and the Candy Red rings for the wheel done also. I have put this guy off for a couple of weeks knowing I might not be able to satisfy him and now I just dont want any part of this job.

    This is the wheel with the fingerprints on the lip, they are covered by the rings, but wont be acceptable to him or me.

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