Scotch brite pad on die grinder

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    Hello again. I have a question regarding the scotch brite pad discs used on a right angle die grinder. I don’t like wet sanding 600 grit (time consuming and messy) before going to the emery wheel so I usually dry sand to 400 grit (using a Makita palm sander) and use the emory (yellow treated) wheel (on a 3600rpm baldor) to remove those marks. I get worn out after a while of exerting pressure on the part. I was hoping that I could go over the entire part with a scotch brite disc on a die grinder to remove the 400 grit marks to make the emory wheel experience less tiring. Am I hoping for too much? If I could just get grit marks in the 500 grit range using a dry method I think I will be good. If so, what color scotch brite discs do you recommend? Hope I explained myself ok. Thank you in advance.

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