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    This is my first restoration attempt, to put my old wagon back on the road as my daily driver again and your products have been great from day one. I painted the engine bay with underhood black, by can, and decided that was the look for me. after stripping the car to bare metal I used self-etching primer with an HVLP gun and it looked great. I mixed the underhood black 1to1 and the paint came out with a lot of orange peel and far too shiny, so I’ve begun wet sanding.
    After reading other related questions I think I can get the satin finish with UV protection by using Diamond clear satin over the underhood black. can you help me with how to prep the paint for clear coat and how to clean and care for this finish.
    If my idea is just totally wrong I’d really appreciate some one setting me straight.

    Thank you so much

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