Satin Black on beadblasted spoked wheels

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    I have a set of laced motorcycle wheels that have steel spokes attached to an aluminum hub. I plan to bead blast the assembled and trued wheel with glass beads, and want to pain the whole shebang in a satin black sans primer.

    What do you recommend that doesn’t take a primer to adhere to? Should I use the post-sandblast spray you sell to give the paint some stick?

    Could I paint with the SEM Trim Black (made for adhering to bare metal) and then coat with the Hot Rod Satin clear?

    I plan to bead blast, wipe down with wax/grease remover, bake at 100C, then wipe with a tack and paint.

    If going without primer (to not add undo thickness to the features like spoke nipples) is a definite no-no, is the Diamond Clear Satin for bare metal the next best choice. It will give it a nice industrial look, but an all black wheel is my preferred look.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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