Sandy Gritty Finish

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    I am restoring an old Chevelle and attempting to powder coat the small parts for a nice smooth finish.
    My parts are coming out with a sandy gritty finish and I don’t know what is causing it.
    I am blasting the parts with aluminum oxide in my blast cabinet.
    Then I wash them down with wax and grease remover.
    When dry, I powder coat them and bake them.

    I thought it may be my cheapo power gun so I just got the Dual Voltage powder gun and fresh powder since mine was 4 years old.

    My oven is a small unit made for powder coating. I have tried baking at 350 degrees to 410 degrees, checking part temps with an infared thermometer, but the results are the same with the fresh powder, gritty.

    Any ideas what could look for next?

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