Sandblasting questions?

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    Well I just got a new compressor and so I planned on ordering a pressure pot here pretty soon and hooking it up to a blast cabinet. Well, I wanted to test out the new compressor and I had one of those cheapo siphon feed guns around and a bucket of “black diamond” sand. On the bag, it says the sand is 20/40 grit. So it’s pretty agressive.
    Well I had the compressor on and was trying to strip some factory powdercoat off of part. I had to point the gun at the part for like 10 seconds before it finally cut through in that one little place. The PSI was at around 140 too. So I mean the compressor was full. Now, a question for ya….will a pressure pot make a big difference here or what? I don’t want to waste my money on it if it won’t. But I don’t see how others have this same sized compressor and strip things just fine but mine won’t, even with AGRESSIVE sand. What’s going on here?

    One thing that might contribute to it is the flow of the sand. I don’t think it flows very good with a siphon feed setup and so it might not be always hitting the part with the amount of sand it should. This is where I think a pressure pot would make a big difference.

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