Sandblasting and Aero 2k Epoxy Primer Aerosol

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    I have a question regarding surface prep and the 2K Epoxy Aerosol primer you guys sell. I just bought a can of that to do a small job.

    I’ll be sandblasting (using silica media, and respirator) what’s left of my car’s inner rocker panels. I just want to derust them and get them primed before the winter comes. After I do that I can spend the time to fabricate the portions I had to cut off due to rust

    In the past I have noticed that silica blasting leaves behind dust or grit – for instance if you clean the part repeatedly in a solvent, the solvent will get cloudy each time you scrub the part.

    What is the recommended way to blast and then lay down the epoxy primer? People have told me to just blow it off with the airhose after blasting and then prime, but I am unsure.

    Thank you

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