Rusty Travel Trailer Frame

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    Hi – I recently purchased a 2004 trailer and now realize the original paint amounted to one coat under the trailer, resulting in rust starting to appear. I’ve started to prep the frame for paint but need some advice on what products to use. In some areas the paint comes right off using a scraper, going down to bare metal. In other areas, there is no rust and the paint stays on, so I am just sanding the surface. And in some areas that are just too tight for my fat hands to get into, there is a little rust but I am unable to remove/sand all the rust. Just getting all the flaking paint off in these tighter areas is all I can manage.

    So, given varying conditions of the frame, can someone please advise on which products to use, in what order they should be applied, number of coats, and to which areas of the frame (since some areas have rust and other do not).

    I would prefer to use spray cans since using a brush for some areas is not possible.

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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