Rusty Cowl and Floor Pan

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    Hello, I am new to the forum. Looks like alot of great info!

    I just bought a 67 Mustang. Very clean on the outside but as I started working on a leaky cowl the problems unfolded pretty quick. I have removed and rebuilt the heater box. The air intake on the passenger side is rusty but solid. I removed the vent box on the driver side to find the air intake completely rusted. The area where the studs for the vent box is appears to be solid. Due to some serious time restraints I am going to put the plastic inserts into the cowl for now. As opposed to replacing the whole cowl. Outside of these areas everything under the dash has a small amount of surface rust.

    Moving down to the floor pan, I am going to patch the driver side. I can see more pavement than floor pan. On the passenger side there is rust and pitting but it seems solid. I would like to get around patching this side for now if possible since it is solid.

    I guess I am looking for suggestions for a guy that has way to many projects at the time, needs to get this car on the road but, doesnt want go out to find a pile of rust next week. I was looking at Eastwood’s Exclusive Rust Prevention Kit. Would this work in these difficult areas under the dash. I really dont want to tear the dash down farther unless its absolutely necessary. In a few yrs, I want to do a complete restore on this car. For now I just need to keep it together till then.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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