Rustproofing an old windshield frame?

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    Hello again Eastwood folks. I recently acquired a used windshield frame to replace my Scout’s original, rusting-out frame. As you can see from the pics this new one is not exactly rust-free, but it’s still in pretty good condition by 30-year-old-truck standards. It appears that the bad pitting and holes originated on the outside, and worked their way in. (I’ll probably braze them shut or maybe use body filler. Not sure about that yet.)

    There seems to very little to no rust inside the frame that I can see via the various openings, which makes me feel pretty good about my purchase. Unrusted Scout windshield frames are practically impossible to find anymore. It’s not like I live in a rust-prone region (San Diego, CA, but not on the beach), however it’s been proven that these frames just seem to trap moisture.

    Anyway… my question is, what’s the best way to treat the inside of this frame to prevent all future rust? I’m thinking of spraying through it a generous quantity of some rust converter (phos. acid mix?), then after rinsing and drying, somehow applying a coat of rust encapsulator. Does this sound like the best approach? And if so, HOW do I spray the encapulator in there? I know it comes in aerosol cans as well as in tins, and I’ve seen Eastwood’s “undercoating kit” with a sprayer, wands, and hoses. Is this the combination to use, or is there a more economical way to do the small but critical job?

    Thanks again,


    P.S. I’ve seen the “anti-rust” wax treatment Eastwood sells. Can a wax treatment be trusted in lieu of a hard, paint-like coating such as Rust Encapsulator or (if you’ll forgive me) POR-15?

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