Rustoration from the ground up!

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    I am restoring a 72 Charger from the Frame up….
    I have purchased some new floor panels and inner fender panels.
    There is alot of surface rust on this frame and body of this car.
    I bought some grinding wheels and
    Eastwood Rust Converter Aerosol
    Eastwood Rust Converter One Gallon
    Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle
    and an eastwood soda blast kit…

    I also bought UPOL GRIP #4

    and two kits of raptor tintable bed liner..
    My question is what order should I start the rustoration?
    My plan was to replace the floor panels and inner fender panels….then clean the rust from the
    inner and outer firewalls….at some point clean and derust the frame and treat is with the Raptor Tintable bedliner
    but what do the Eastwood experts suggest as a proper order….also can I use the Rust Converter rather than grind everything on the frame and trunk firewall etc???

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