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    I just ordered some Rust Converter and Rust Encapsulator to use on my 2003 ML320. The previous owner left dozens of rock chips unattended and a lot of them now have rust. My plan is to thoroughly clean out each one with a rust pen, then use the converter and encapsulator (in separate applications) to treat each spot, THEN use a touch up paint process from a company called Dr. Colorchip, which I’ve used before.

    Is this a logical process? Do I really need both the converter and encapsulator? From what I’ve read, using the combination provides the best protection. The only unknown is the touch up paint. I hope that it does not dissolve or otherwise change the rust encapsulator.

    After all the chips are treated and painted it will be time to get out the orbital buffer and polish it all. It’s going to be along spring.

    There are also two rust bubbles that need repair, and this is where the converter/encapsulator will really come in handy once I get the spots down to bare metal.

    Any feedback is appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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