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    I have a 65 ford Galaxie 500 conv.
    It was covered under a tarp so the interiour metal has really taken a beating.
    Under the dash all the metal has surface rust as well as the cotacts in the fuse box.
    Most of the pot metal is pitted and the chrom is either pitted or rusted.
    I also noticed inside the hood assy and the trunk hatch and fenders there is a coating of surface rust.

    I stumbled across your web site and saw lots of good info in addition to products to help combat the problem of rust.

    My goal is to have a nice daily driver, I plan on taking each panal off and doing a frame off restro.

    Any and all advice would be welcome.

    1) My main concern is how to stop the rust that is taking place in areas that are very hard to reach (ie inside fenders, trunk lids hoods ect)

    2) What would be a good book I could use to help me do a fram off restro.

    Thank you


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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