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    I am working on a Ford truck with a rusted thru area on the floor pan as well as some badly rusted (but not thru) areas adjacent to the rust out. I can remove the rust and fabricate and weld in a patch panel. How do I treat the bare metal left after the removal process. Most of the original factory paint is still on the floor pan – probably 90% of the area. I would prefer not to strip the paint from the good areas. Let me add that the rust is from the inside out. The underside of the floor (aside from some dirt) looks as good as the day it left the factory. I plan to paint or otherwise coat, the floor before putting in a replacement rubber floor mat. Originality is not an issue: just don’t want to do this twice. Can I use the special rust preventative products over the remaining factory floor finish? If so, specifically which one? Thankyou…

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