Rust treatment questions for hard to reach areas

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    Hi there,
    I’ve been pouring over your forums trying to educate myself as much as possible, but I still have some questions pertaining to my situation. Overall I”m treating rust on underside of my 1982 VW Vanagon. I don’t care about appearance, just function.

    1. Hard to reach areas with light rust showing under paint and fully broken out light scaley in spots. These areas could possibly be reached by a spray, but are probably too hard to reach for mechanical removal and/or wiping. So, I can spray something on, but I don’t think I can go through any cleaning process using PRE and then wipe off. Is my best bet here to spray or gel Rust Dissolver, then Rust Converter(necessary?), then Encapsulator? Since I can’t PRE and wipe, should I skip this whole process which seems necessary for Converter/Encapsulator, and just use Internal Frame Coating?

    2. Also, I have spots adjacent to these reachable areas that are completely unreachable. I can reach them with one of your fancy tubes/nozzles. Should I hit everything that I can reach with the above process and then hit the areas I can’t reach with Internal Frame Coating? I’m wondering if the Internal Frame Coating plays well with the other products and they can be overlapped? Is there a certain order I should do things?

    3. When would I want to use Anti-Rust vs Internal Frame Coating? They seem to have the same functions, but totally different formulations.

    4. Does Internal Frame Coating need to be topcoated, or can it live by itself for eternity 😉
    Below are pics of a couple of the areas:

    Thanks a lot! Want to get it right before I drop all this money

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