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    My 11 year old daughter and I have started a frame on Resto of a 64 Buick Riviera that a PO had started. The car had been sanded to bare metal at one time then let sit.
    The roof of the car had a lot of “Patina” that was removed with a 4 ½ grinder with stripping discs and we are currently working on the other areas that were taken down to metal and then let sit.

    My is to remove the rust and shoot a coat of Epoxy Primer to seal everything before starting on the body work. Body is pretty straight. Only found one part on the passanger side quarter panel where there was 3/8 inch bondo repair. That was ground down as it was cracked pulling off the panel ( go figure ).

    Our question is: There is still some minor rust left within pin holes of the roof metal. We wiped the area down with a Rust –oleum Rust Dissolver product which seemed to pull some out, however there is still some visible rust. Not a lot, just down in some pitted areas. I was going to pick up some Fast Etch from Eastwood but with the warehouse fire it is taking months to receive. We picked up some SEM 39304 Rust-Seal from a local Auto Paint distributer for use on the floor boards where additional repairs are needed.
    Would this be overkill? Or would the Epoxy Primer act as a rust encapsulate? We have sanded with 40 grit and got as much as we could removed.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

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