Rust remover- Fast Etch / Rust repair

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    So I removed some shotty rivet rush repair patch panel jobbys and found some rust in hard to reach areas, would Eastwoods Fast Etch be a good way to remove rust and then see what metal I have left to work with?

    Especially in my picture of the quarter and wheel well arch that seems to have rotted…….. 🙁

    Front corner of Drivers Door

    Rear corner of drivers Door, besides the rust looks like it has some type of dent that has a lot of what I believe to be filler in there. probably thicker than 1/4 inch….


    Front of passenger Door – Maybe I can just weld these holes shut? Has a small dent too though


    Rear of passenger Door – rust


    This is the worst part of the car, its in front of the right rear wheel well, the wheel well arch itself looks like it seperated from the quarter 🙁 also seemed like it was packed with cement?? It looked very porse and was a grey like color.


    So this is my first time doing anything like this, I did buy a Hobart 140 mig welder though, so I’m confident I can stitch weld panels in its place, I understand you don’t want to over heat the metal so you jump around laying tack welds until everything is stitched together.

    Any recommendations on what tools I should buy? I don’t have any hammers or dollys.

    Also What gauge sheet metal should I use for this?

    I plan to strip this car all the way to metal, and I used my chemical stripper(aircraft stripper made by Klean Strip), its like mid 70’s outside in temp and I applied the stuff on these areas shown in the picture so I could strip them, but this stuff works like crap! I mean its a vertical surface so I can’t use plastic sheets on it.

    So I ended up using a 3M paint stripper disc, its a gray fiber looking disc, using it in my Die grinder, and it doesn’t seem possible to use these discs to strip any medium size areas to metal would take weeks!!!!

    I think I’m going to pick up some of eastwoods rust desolver so I can see what I really have left to deal with before I cut anything out.

    I think thats it for my questions so far!

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