Rust removal/encapsulation on undercarriage of automobile?

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    I am restoring a car that has rust on the undercarriage. I can reach some of it with a wire brush, but without disassembling the body from the frame, there are places I can’t reach very easily.

    I do have a lift and a sandblaster, but my lift is inside and I don’t want sand going everywhere. I also have some concerns about sand getting into places that would be problematical. Also working above my head with sand blasting would be really messy on me. Painting is not so bad.

    What can I do about stopping or removing the rust and stabilizing it? Obviously I need to de-rust an upside down horizontal surface.

    I do have a few rusted through places that I can repair with fiberglass cloth and resin. I am not looking for perfect as this is an older car that does not have a lot of value.

    What procedures and Eastman products could i use that would work? I do have a spray gun.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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