Rust removal, prevention, etc. Proper Steps?

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    After doing some background reading, here is what seems to be the proper order for rust issues (We have a lot of heavy rust- manifolds, engine block are primary, but it is pretty much everywhere- power booster and master cylinder, exhaust you name it.)…Can you tell me if this is correct?
    1- Grease removal (metal wash)
    2- De rust (oxisolv/ brush)
    3- PRE
    4- RE
    5- Detail/paint

    The questions in particular are:
    -Which Oxisolv is better- the gel or liquid for these applications?
    -Do we need to PRE prior to RE or is this if we go from 2 to 5 only?
    -Is RE the last step- or can you paint over it (I am assuming you cannot)?
    -And lastly, what type of PPE do you recommend for this work?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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