Rust preventative for boxed frame

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    I have a custom boxed frame for my 1946 Willys CJ-2A from Matkins. Currently, the only openings into the boxed frame rails are though the front frame horns. I would like to coat the inside of these frame rails to avoid any chance of the frame rusting from the inside out.

    I was wondering about using one of Rust Encapsualtor, Corroless, Anti-Rust or Eastwood’s Rubberized Undercoating. Which do you think would work best? The metal to be covered has no paint on it but it probably does have oils, dust and welding splatter. Would I need to clean the inner surface first? How would you recommend I go about that?

    As far as applying, I was wondering about taking the undercoating gun that Eastwood sells and adding on additional flexible wands until I had something long enough to reach from the front frame horn to the back bumper. Then I would feed it all the way in and pulling it out while applying the coating. This would save me needing to drill holes in the frame that I would need to then plug up.

    Sound reasonable? Thanks for any input.

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