Rust prep on aluminized gas tanks

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    My appology if I should have found this out from other posts; I searched and the one on rust coating was quite helpful.

    I have a 59 Caddy with what appears to be an aluminized gas tank that has some surface rust and minor pitting on the outside (the inside is pristine!!- made my day). I stripped all the goo off the outside and sanded down all the loose scale and wondered how best to treat the metal for painting. The aluminum requires one thing and the rusty steel another- so what’s a guy to do? and it is aluminized, isn’t it?

    My plan was rust encapsulator on the rusty areas and an etching primer on the aluminum surface. Can I use the same primer for the whole thing? My intent was to put chassis black on the whole thing when done.

    This is one of those jobs I really only want to do once…

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