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    i have a car that has been just sitting for years rusting about 6 years ago we had it fully undercoated. I even went the extra mile and had the inside floor pans sprayed thinking i’d be good while in storage

    finally went and took the car out and sadly a lot of the undercoating is flaking up and
    i can see rust starting to show threw yet again in addition to that i now have to deal with the roof and windshield and try to save as much as i can but i have no idea where to start

    my plan was to finish off the engine and paint the car next year but now i am out of time (see the pictures)
    i’m calling some friends over and were going to try and sand everything down and put the car back into a primer state until i can pull together enough $ for a full paint job

    So i was looking at all of your rust products and to be honest i’m totally confused and lost
    the car is white and is going to stay white after dealing with this rust i have red doors and green fender i also want the sand and prime

    Sorry i know there is a lot here and its all a bit mess


    here are some pictures of my problem spots around the windshield and the roof


    i also have this small stop to deal with


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