Rust in pinchweld

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    What to do about hidden rust, like in pinch welds or inside supports?
    How can I detect rust or just treat for possible rust in hidden areas?
    I was working on a trunk lid that had rust through in a corner. Pulled back the pinch weld to cut the corner out and replace inner and outer skins with patches. Some of the edge of the inner skin inside the pinched over outer skin away from the rust through was also rusted so I’m concerned about more hidden rust in trunk as well as inside of doors, wheel wells and behind fender supports. Car only shows minimal rust in isolated spots but what about the hidden areas and areas where seam sealer dried, cracked and fell off? Will be removing the old seam sealer and was thinking of saturating these areas with rust converter and coating with a rust top coat product and reapplying sealer but if rust converters and rust top coats won’t work if not actually in contact with the rust what do you recommend?

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