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    Dr. jinG

    Just used RE for the first time this weekend. I applied a small test to some rusty steel, but will await the arrival of a RustBullet sample to go head to head with RE and POR-15. That should be a fun experiment!

    But back to the issue at hand…

    I used RE to squirt up into my rocker panels to help with preventing the rust, that is already there, from going anywhere. As it dripped/oozed out of the drains, I instantly panicked: I hadn’t read the clean-up instructions! I had no idea what to use to clean up anything that got to where it shouldn’t!

    Frantically, I grabbed the can and scanned it. No love.

    I went to the Eastwood site and tried to find info online. No love.

    I went to my Eastwood catalog… Again, no love.

    I then just grabbed some rags, a bucket of water, and various chemicals. I went at a small puddle that had formed on the plastic tarp I’d placed on the ground, and found that laquer thinner did a good job of cleaning it up. I was saved! But instead of having to experiment, it would have been nice if this were stated on the can. Of course, it’s probably implicit in the instructions, since you are told you can thin the product with laquer thinner, but that isn’t always the case with all products, so it’s nice to have it spelled out.

    In addition to this, I found that though RE does stick to skin quite readily (and kind of stings when it gets into your arm pits!), it’s not as tenacious as POR-15. Probably because of the fact that RE has no isocyanates, it does not bond with skin as easily, and will wash off with some scrubbing. A good coat of sweat (easily come-by in Houston!) will make removing it that much easier… But make sure your digits are clean. When wet, and on your fingers, RE has the nasty habit of smearing onto white plastic items; such as my Sonicare toothbrush…

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